vanThe North American Pledge of Performance:
We’re confident our abilities will make moving better. It’s our commitment to you.

American Van Service has over 20 Years of Proven Service in the Glens Falls Region and a family history since 1945 as a North American Agent. We’ve been moving more customers between The Adirondacks and the Florida than most others combined – a proven record, a solid foundation and a unshattering commitment to perfection.

With our help, your move will be easier and right on schedule. We’ve been doing it for over 50 years. Since 1945, American has been providing flexible performance for families and businesses of all sizes needing to relocate across town or around the world. We’ll help you plan a better move. Our goal is to develop and maintain permanent relationships with our customers by providing outstanding service. Let’s start now. Call for a free, no-obligation cost survey, and get a complimentary copy of the North American Better Move Planner

Moving Services
You can put together the perfect move by selecting just the moving services you need. Your Relocation Specialist will work with you to ensure you have the most stress-free move possible

Protective Packing Materials
Proper packing materials insure safe transport. We have special cushioning for everything, cartons designed for every need. We use only the best materials.
Ask about our “VIP” moves, which includes special “Pad & Shrink Rap” of your furniture… or our SOCK delivery…

Short or long term in our heated modern and spacious facilities offers over 80,000 sq. ft. of storage area. For the customer with antiques and fine art, we also have 3,000 sq. ft. of temperature controlled space. Museums have trusted us with their most valuable pieces.